Seven years in the making

A true story of the modern age of technology intersecting with old world craftsmanship.

Competitors from across the globe have spent thousands of hours meticulously building and flying airplanes. Every part of their life is focused on the hobby they practice obsessively. Yet as the World Championship of F1D looms, they dream of winning, ever more urgently, and at all costs.

Notable Mentions


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"Imagine spending 40 years of your life building self-propelled airplanes that weigh as much as a paperclip but maintain altitude for over 30 minutes. Oh, and you’d like to compete with others who do the same thing? Just catch the next flight to Serbia."


"These beautiful dragonfly-like model planes can float for up to half an hour under the power of one single-wound rubber band."

The Boston Globe

"I suspect they’re the kind of planes Alexander Calder would have made, if he’d been into making airplanes."


"What's more fascinating than the ultralight free fliers in Phil Kibbe's documentary Float? The people who dedicate their lives to making them."


"What a gem of a find..."

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