The Team

Phil Kibbe, Director/Cinematographer

Philip Kibbe is the co-creator and director of Float. After viewing a
cellphone video of an F1D in flight, Phil was inspired to pursue the
beauty in these aircraft. Doing so, Phil found a sublimely human
experience in the sport’s patient grace, a beautiful antithesis to
contemporary on-demand culture. Phil has broad experience in the film
industry, practing extensively in the Cleveland area.  His experience
and meticulous craft are on display in Float, his premeire in
documentary direction.


Ben Saks, Producer

Ben Saks is the co-creator and producer of Float.  He is in his second
decade with indoor free-flight aircraft and has competed in national
and world championships.  As a member of this community, Ben brings
knowledge and intimacy of the sport, as well as extensive management
experience to the creation of Float. He has managed large design
projects and clients for Taktl LLC and WET Design. He holds a Bachelors
of Architecture with Honors from Carnegie-Mellon University. His work
has been displayed and published internationally.