Influenced by the many competition documentaries of the early 2010’s, our drive for creating "Float" has been rooted in a deep curiosity: The lives of the unique characters who participate in this sport, the F1D’s inherent beauty, and a desire to contrast modern culture with a sixty year old competition that requires patience and long standing commitment. "Float" explores the intriguing processes of F1D in a story that combines the practice’s development and contemporary cultural changes that threaten it with extinction.

The audience will find that the planes are just one element that binds this odd lot of enthusiasts together. The raw emotion that is felt as competitors invested countless hours, dollars, and travel into their sport with no monetary reward is equally as impressive as the planes. They are intensely competitive and their fervor does not parallel the tranquillity and beauty of their planes.

We feel, in many ways, F1D is antithetical to modern culture. It embodies passion, patience, and practice, whereas today’s mainstream culture can be characterized by instant gratification and short attention spans, increasingly driven by the pursuit of wealth and fame. Indoor is an activity with no financial gain, no entree to the spotlight of fame, but nonetheless the competitors’ drive and ambition prevail.